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The BC FurBQ is a furmeet that started in 2006 as a small backyard BBQ camping trip in British Columbia. The attendance in 2007 was expected to rise, so the location was moved to a more open camping area between Kelowna, BC and Vernon, BC. Events include outdoor games, a raffle, swimming, body painting, art sessions, fursuiting sessions, nature hikes, and various other organised activities.

A group of furs from BC FurBQ 2007.

As the name suggests, the FurBQ also consists of a massive barbecue dinner, generally occuring on the second night of the convention.

FurBQ events[edit]

Some of the events that have occurred at FurBQ include:

  • Body painting
  • Fursuiting sessions
  • Art sessions
  • Nature hikes
  • Raffle draws
  • Swimming at the on-site lake
  • BBQ dinner
  • Campfire stories
  • Late-night movies
Fursuiters interacting at FurBQ 2007

Locations of past events[edit]

Staff and helpers[edit]

  • BC FurBQ 2007:
    • Lady Serpent (main organizer)
    • Copper Wolf (cook, medical staff, meat supplier)
    • SheWolf (fire marshal, location assistance)
    • Teolik (assistance with rides, cook)
    • Davecko (ride organization, website creation, badge creation assistant)


BC FurBQ 2008 was scheduled for August 22 - 24 at Bear Lake, BC.[1][2]

Interesting facts[edit]

  • During FurBQ 2006, a small group of furs including Tasimmet, Kohl, Josiah, Sephren (Lady Serpent), and Kaji went on a late-night hike around Oliver, BC. They found a tire lying on the side of the road, and, after rolling him down a few hills and all the way back to the FurBQ location, it was dubbed that he would be named 'Bob', and would be an integral part of the BC FurBQ. Bob has attended every FurBQ since its inception, and is the official mascot of the BC furBQ.
  • In 2007, it was decided by Methadone that Bob had a fox fursona.
  • The phrase '<3 Bob' or 'Heart Bob' was dubbed by Kaji, and is Bob's official catch phrase.
  • FurBQ is a completely clean event; no drugs or alcohol are permitted anywhere near the site.
  • At FurBQ 2007, 12 furs and one german shepherd piled into (and on top of) a 5-fur car in the dark, because it was quite a long walk back up from the lake.


Tire is the official mascot of the BC FurBQ. He was named 'Tire' because he IS, in fact, an actual tire.

Tire was discovered on a late-night trek by a team of sleepless furries from FurBQ 2006. After being rolled down various hills, balanced on, and pushed all the way back to the FurBQ site, it was decreed that he would be an integral part of FurBQ, and there was much rejoicing and excitement among the furries who were still awake at this late hour.

The phrase '<3 Tire' or 'Heart Tire' was dubbed by Kaji in 2006, and has now become Tire's official catch phrase. There have been rumours that T-shirts with these words may be printed for upcoming FurBQ events.

Tire was taken with furBQ's head cook Copper Wolf to Alberta at the end of FurBQ 2006. Over the next year, Tire began the long journey back to BC, where he felt he belonged.

Tire goes by the fursona name 'Bob', although he uses both names interchangably.

Tire at FurBQ 2007[edit]

A shirt signed by Tire from BC FurBQ 2007.

During the setup of FurBQ 2007, Sephren, Teolik, and Keichimaru went on a pirate's journey to scavenge the land for treasures. Along with an old Barbecue lid, a metal garbage can, and an entire VCR, Tire was discovered wandering the wildlands of Vernon, BC! There was much joy from Sephren who dove down a steep embankment to embrace him, and this inspired many confused looks from the other two, who had not heard of 'Tire' before. Needless to say, it was a joyous reunion when members of FurBQ 2006 were reunited with Tire during FurBQ 2007.

Tire participated in shirt signing at FurBQ 2007, as well as campfire circles, body painting, and other events. It is here that Methadone helped Tire decide that he was best represented by a fox fursona.

When it came time to leave, Tire was strapped to the roof of one of the fur's cars, but Tire was not content with such confinement. He escaped his bonds, and rolled off down the hill to be in the wilds of Vernon once more.

Eventually, he made his way to the home of SheWolf, and was expected to reappear at FurBQ 2008.

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