BB Wolf and the Three LPs

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BB Wolf and the Three LPs is a hardcover comic book of anthropomorphic characters, written by JD Arnold and illustated by Richard Koslowski and published by Top Shelf Productions in May 2010. The main character is BB Wolf (Barnabus B. Wolf) who is a farmer and blues musician.

The back cover says:

BB Wolf and the Three LPs
A farmer and family man by day, blues musician by night, and a drinker of fine spirits at any hour, BB's life seemed simple. But this fragile peace comes crashing down when the LPs decide to take his land by any means possible. When all is lost, BB lashes out, setting into motion acts of revenge only a Big Bad Wolf could unleash.

Rich Koslowski (award-winning creator of Three Fingers and The King) brings to life this haunting debut from writer JD Arnold. Set in the Mississippi Delta of the 1920s, BB Wolf & the Three LPs is a classic story of racism, murder, revenge, and music... all filtered through the clever re-telling of a timeless fairytale.

BB Wolf and the Three LPs


One morning BB wakes up and discovers a bunch of pigs (a police pig, Mr. Littlepig, a lawyer-ish pig, and two "henchpigs") have shown up at his farm (that his family owns). Lawyer-ish pig informs the Wolf family that the pigs are foreclosing/seizing the farm because of a species-ist county law "requiring all landowners of a…dark and hairy persuation… to re-register their land holdings … on a biyearly basis" (and that BB's paternal grandfather had failed to do so).[1]

The pigs give the family one week (presumably to pack up their belongings and move out). The Wolf family continue tending the farm. BB ends up at a bar, and tell Loop (the wolf bartender) "they takin' the farm" and he went to the county courthouse to check "it" out and there was nothing he could do. Loop tells BB to go home to the family and "yer part o' the pack. We take care of our own." BB goes home. When BB wakes up in the morning, he leaves the house and sees all the family's wolf friends have shown up and his wife tells his their friends won't let the pigs take the farm.


Pigs refer to adult BB Wolf as "cub" (similar to "boy" being a disparaging term racists used to refer to men of color).


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