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"BAWWWWW!" panel in Incontinent Student Bodies, drawn by Marci McAdam

BAWWWWW! (the number of "w"s may vary, although it's generally set to five) is a furry onomatopoeia or text that appeared in a panel in Incontinent Student Bodies, a comic by furry artist Karis.


The panel comes from the second issue of Incontinent Student Bodies (first published in 2003), where Dougie (a young rabbit) accidentally wets his pants, causing him to cry. This prompts his fellow dormmates to put him in diapers.


The word, as both text and as a image macro meme, is used as a response on a thread or discussion to imply that the person being mentioned or attacked (normally a furry fan or furry artist) is a whiner or crybaby.

The term was popularized by various furry critics and sites such as 4chan,, and Encyclopædia Dramatica. It is one of the most well-known furry memes, with multiple tributes and parodies.[1]

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