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BASSFOXX, also known as Yena, Scritch, or Reck (born October 6, 1995),[1] is a music producer and fursuiter who lives in Ravenna, Ohio, U.S.A.[1] He makes music under the name BASSFOXX even though his fursona is a Spotted Hyena named Scritch. He produces a combination of Progressive House and Drum and Bass. He works with many other artists that happen to be furries including Alex Richtofen, DJ Abraxo, Dippendot Fox, and many more. He is constantly working with an Anthro Artist named Willow.


Scritch is a Spotted Hyena that has the normal Markings of a Spotted Hyena. He is often wearing German ww2 Militaria or at least an officers hat. He has a Biohazard sign in his right eye.


BASSFOXX's fursuit, which he built himself, is a white arctic wolf named Reck.[2]


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