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Brett A. Maddux, usually called B. A. Maddux and also known as Reserved Rodent, is a furry writer. He was born in Missouri, USA, and moved to the wilds of Kansas at an early age.[1]


Brett's fursona is a sewer rat.[2] He stands at 6' (not counting his ears), and has a 6'2" tail. His fur is dark golden brown with a dark charcoal-gray undercoat. His eyes are hazel-blue or hazel-green.


Brett began writing soon after he learned to read,[3] and after he discovered the furry fandom he began to write stories with anthropomorphic animals.[1]

Brett is a member of the Furry Writers' Guild. His furry novel, Lab Rat, was published by Legion Publishing[4] on December 26, 2012.[1]


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