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B.Happy, The Bluebird of "Happiness"

B.Happy is a short-lived flash cartoon on CartoonNetwork.com as a part of "World Premiere Toons". The show has only 4 episodes in its run, which was produced by Funny Garbage.

B.Happy departed CartoonNetwork.com in 2003, but can be seen on CartoonNetwork.com.au (Cartoon Network Australia).


B. Happy, a reluctant Bluebird Of Happiness, is dispatched to earth by The Goddess Maureen to help determine a case of personal human misery. If B. Happy chooses incorrectly he is made personally miserable himself by the angry Goddess. If he chooses correctly, he is rewarded with complex carbohydrates. The viewer (augmented by the technological marvel of CLICK-O-RAMA™) helps the decide the fate of each case and of B. Happy himself. The show was created by cartoonist Mark Newgarden.

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