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Azuura V.2. Art drawn by Etuix

Azuura Husky (born April 20, 1994, in Adelaide, South Australia),[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Sydney, New South Wales. [1] Azuura is mated to Tenino.


Azuura's husky's fursona has triple shaded fur (baby blue, deep blue fur and white), complete with glowing blue exposed skin (e.g. muzzle, paw pads).

The name "Azuura" ("a-zoo-rah") comes from both the word "azurite", a soft, deep blue copper mineral the same color as the darker shade in Azuura's fur, and the name of a popular Youtube account called "Azuritereaction".[clarify][citation needed]


Azuura has four separate characters:

  • Azuura - A husky and Azuura's main character, V.1 began with a simple design of blues and whites patterns. A revised V.2 was designed by Etuix in 2014. To follow its backstory,[clarify] this adjustment resulted in the character's exposed skin (excluding its nose) to have a certain blue glow to it, especially visible in the dark.
  • Chai - A husky and Azuura's secondary character (and his first fursuit) Chai's design is based on black and white patterns with blue iris. The fursuit head was built by Media back in 2012, commissioned from the original fursuit owner Ivymutt, a New South Wales fur.
  • Glitch - A crux, Glitch is a character still in the process of being fleshed out since 2013.
  • Kanuga - A jaguar, his fur pattern is black, gold and white, and it's used only for role-playing.

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