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Atreyu, drawn by MincedNiku

Atreyu, previously known as Azurean, also known as Trey or his deviantart name, Emo, is in an artist and former paragraph roleplayer who often hangs around furry fandom and other furry gatherings. He's been a member of the fandom since about 1999.


Atreyu's anthro form, drawn by himself.

His fursona is a member of a demonic jackal hybrid species of his own creation. Specifically, Atreyu is a jackal and magpie hybrid. While his species is not an open one, he's allowed a few close friends to create their own members of this particular race. All members have jackal attributes, but don't necessarily have to have a canine face. Characterizations of the race are varying horns, the ability to shapeshift between human, anthro and feral forms, and glowing eyes, tongues, and pawpads in anthro and feral form in the color of their choice. Since he's stopped role playing, Atreyu has been far more relaxed on the particular details of the race and simply enjoys the look for pure aesthetics.

He has said that Atreyu was always intended to be an antagonistic character and, as a fursona, is composed of what he views as his 'worst qualities, personified,' particularly greed, jealousy, anger and lust.

Furcadia and Second Life[edit]

Formerly known as "Azurean", he can sometimes be found on Furcadia under the name "Atreyu". He also has alternate characters, including "Tourniquet", "Orgy", and "Maverick", all of which are in character creations. He stopped role playing regularly in about 2010 to have more time to pursue art as a primary hobby, but continues to log on and draw his own characters.

Atreyu's anthro form, drawn by Moondelle.

He sometimes logs into Second Life under the name Treyu Resident where he has made his own mod of Atreyu's anthro form.

Conventions and Fursuiting[edit]

Atreyu attended his first convention, Midwest Furfest, in 2012. He plans to attend again in 2013 and is working on constructing his own fursuit for the event.

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