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Azul Thunderspeed (real name Jared Robinson, also known as Alex Robinson) is a furry writer and music maker located in Alliance, Ohio.[1][2][3]


He was originally a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog before this eventually led him to the wider world of the furry fandom. By August of 2009, he had the earliest version of his fursona created, which was basically a raving folf. In the coming months, it would evolve into a blue (hence the name "Azul", the Spanish word for blue) fox samurai who wields two .44 Magnums and usually wears black.

Personal life[edit]

Azul chose his college carefully when he moved from Tuskahoma, Oklahoma to Wilburton with the express purpose of attending Wild Nights, unknown to his parents at the time. His original major was history before he changed it to music to pursue his true love - rock music and slow ballads. He loves the rock, dance, techno, and house music genres, and he is drawing on these influences to create a cover band to provide music for the general population, with special appeal for furries.

In addition to his social media presence, Azul can be found on Furnet and Anthrochat under the screen name of AzulTS, TS being short for Thunderspeed. He is also a frequent visitor of Furry4Life.


Azul appreciates and enjoys furry artwork, and his favorite subject matter includes Concession, Furthia High, TwoKinds, and Fur-piled as well as the Narnia, Redwall, Harry Potter, Pendragon, and Callahan's Bar series of books. His favorite artists include ZEN, Bucktown Tiger, Genus Male, Corsi, and KnotCast.[4]

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