Azriel Redgrave

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Azriel Redgrave[1] was the first character created by Cassandra Gunn as a part of her Parallel-9 and The Shadow of God mythologies (which she later combined as The Hidden Guardian). He is a fallen angel capable of transforming into a white dragon.


Azriel is beautiful and androgynous since he retained most of his angelic qualities. His lips are naturally very dark and quite thin and his canines are pointed and vampire-like. His ears are long and pointed, with two small, silver hoop earrings in hid right ear, and three in his left. His eye brows are high arching and his eyes bright blue, invoking a sense of gentleness, yet mischievousness. His body is gaunt but well formed with soft muscle tone. His finger nails are long and extremely sharp, which are naturally black and never painted. His legs are relatively long in proportion with his body and feminine in shape. In his angelic form, he still retains some of his draconian traits; primarily his tail, wings, feet and black claws.

In his dragonian form he can become nearly three times his normal size, though he can choose to stay the same size as his angelic form. His scales are white (almost pearlescent) and extremely soft and smooth, like a snake's belly. The exceptions are his stigmatic scars, which are dark pink and slightly ridged and rougher, and his chest plates which are thicker and hard to pierce. His hair in this form is a light silvery iridescence which runs from his crown, down between his shoulder blades. His face is soft and graceful, well-shaped, and streamlined, both crocodilian and equine in form. His eyes as a dragon are a full, pale blue. His ears are long and pointed with dark markings on their back-sides similar to that of tribal tattoos. His wings are enormous, formed like that of a bat, but feathery at the tops and the ends of his wing's 'fingers' are spiked. The feathered, top of his wings are primarily white, while the wing membranes are iridescent and colored from light blue, dark blue, deep purple, to rich dark pink. His fingers are thin and long, and his feet are digitigrade. His tail is long and the end is tipped with long pale yellow fur.


He loves cross-dressing, fetish-wear, or anything that defies the norm, particularly items made of vinyl or PVC. He is often seen wearing a full length vinyl skirt and corset or waist cinch coupled with a white formal shirt and a vinyl tie attached to a bondage collar. He is almost always wearing PVC straps around his arms that go up from his wrist to his elbow. He always wears bandage wraps around his lower ribs and upper stomach due to his stigmata scars. If he is not wearing straps around his arms, he will most definitely adorn his wrists with a heavy multitude of silver bracelets and bangles. He is also rarely seen without a cigarette in hand, as his smoking habit is worse than his drinking.

Personality and Background[edit]

Azriel still retains much of his angelic nature and is a gentle, compassionate, and fun being, with the gift of a muse. He exudes boundless creativity and is a constant source of inspiration for those around him. He was not as much a warrior as many of the other angels, but in battle he was fierce and would take on his dragon form and was certainly a force to be reckoned with. When he and Zimodriel fell in love, he took the lighter side of God's fury. God abandoned him in the mortal realm and inflicted him with stigmata as a reminder. The stigmata could flare up at random times but most often would occur during times of fierce anger (or hate) or times of deep lust (or ardent love). This is a reminder to him why God had abandoned him and often causes him great pain and suffering. Despite the suffering and the sadness in his past, he still remains overall strong willed and happy. It takes a lot to pull him down into sadness. He spends much of his time dancing, acting, painting, creating music, or any other creative endeavour. Of course, a lot of his time is also spent smoking and drinking. In recent times, he has become both a famous rock star as well as a well known artist and actor. He is lead singer and keyboardist to his band 'A.v.Z'. He is also a well known and well adored actor who goes by the stage name of Devros. He makes more than enough money and is capable of living decadently (and often does), although he is still fairly modest and manages to keep a low profile.

When Zimodriel is capable of walking in the mortal realm, Azriel spends every possible moment he can with him. He is fiercely devoted to Zim, even after his demonic corruption. Despite being generally a happy and bouncy energy on the outside, the sadness deep inside him is apparent in his eyes. He loves Zimodriel fiercely and feels lost and empty on the inside from the emotional agony of their situation. He is stuck in disbelief or denial, that God did this to them, unable to understand why, if God is made of love, why they would be denied theirs. He still tries his strongest to keep full of as much positivity as possible.

On a physical level, Azriel is incapable of doing much to express his love to Zim (since Zim is a physically androgynous slave demon with no anatomy). This makes him increasingly frustrated as he wants nothing more than to be able to please and pleasure his lover. He is deeply weighted under his frustrations and inability to see his love, so he often drinks himself into comas, feeds off of drug cocktails, or any other from of self destruction. These self-destructive binges generally come on suddenly, as if someone flipped a switch. Of course, he cannot kill himself (and he is well aware of this) but it usually only frustrates him more, as he wishes he could at least join Zimodriel in hell.