Azrael the red Gargoyle

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Azrael the red Gargoyle, most commonly only known as Azrael (born June 24, 1978) is an Austrian artist, mostly active in the austrian and german fur community. He is living together with his finance Neomae, a female grey Gargoyle. They have been a couple since Nov. 1st, 2005. His current residence is Vienna.

The Gargoyle[edit]

Azrael does not like the terms "fursona" or "character" when refering to himself as a Gargoyle. Beeing a very spiritual person, he is one of those persons in the fandom who could be classified as otherkin. Although he is not too fond of this labeling either, he prefers it over most others.

Azrael is a red/brown Gargoyle with lighter markings on his belly and darker ones on his back. He has long silvery grey, almost white hair and blue eyes with slit-shaped pupils. He has two long horns on each side of his head.

The Musician[edit]

Azrael has been playing the guitar since 1996. His musical style focuses mainly on heavy metal. He is also a composer and the main songwriter of the german medieval-metal Band Dracones.

His musical influences range from known heavy-metal Bands such as Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, Dream Theater, Saviour Machine, and many more, to classical and contemporary composers like J.S.Bach, Benjamin Britten, Mussorgsky, Frank Zappa and John Dowland.

He plays a unique instrument called "The Dragon", a custom made guitar that is shaped like a dragons head. It has 7 strings on a 32 fretboard spanning over 3 octaves per string. He is also an instructor and long-time member on

The Artist[edit]

Azrael occasionally creates digital art. He mostly uses Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. Before he started his musical career he used to draw more often, but having his main focus on music he only pics up the tablet like once a year.

Azrael has performed live at the Eurofurence Furry Music Café in Nürnberg twice.

He has given a guitar workshop at EF. The workshops most popular listener was Heather Alexander.

Azrael is currently contributing guitartracks to Chama C. Fox One Day Project.

He has co-written and recorded the final song for Heather Alexanders guest appearance on the EF 11 PawPet Show.

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