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Azai Niiyama is a writer that, aside for the anthro and social aspect of furry fandom, is interested into culture, history and customs of feudal Japan despite lack of formal education in the field.


Niiyama's furry experience dates back to his furry fandom introduction around 2009. The former nick has been abandoned due to personal reasons, however Niiyama himself do not want to be associated with it and the past past infamy on non-furry related sites. The former pseudonyme has been kept in secrecy by Niiyama himself in order to avoid possible harassment from people hating on furry fandom ever since.


Niiyama established a Tumblr blog in order to present samples of his poetry, mostly consisting of haiku and tanka. Niiyama also plans to release essays and short historical fiction in a periodical manner, although these do heavily depends on his private life.

It is likely that Niiyama may include anthropomorphic characters in his historical fiction, in a manner Stan Sakai does in Usagi Yojimbo.


Azai was a real feudal clan from Japan that was eliminated in 1573. It was result of opposition towards Oda Nobunaga, who had ambition to unite Japan under his rule.

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