Ayslinn's Dynasty

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Ayslinn's Dynasty Cover


Ayslinn Dynasty is a web manga created in March 2020 by Canadian Axel Denault and Congolese Elglish Kangou.

The web serie is updated every Tuesday.


The story follows Ayslinn Katsburrow, a genius underachiever stuck in a rigid monarchy. Noble enough that she never has to work but not related enough to the king to have an actual position, she decides to take mater in her own hands and overthrow the king. With the help of her best friends Alar, Mélina and Renji, she plunges into an uncertain future as the world collapse into civil war where ships collide, alliances shift, and great mind meets.

Where to read

This comic can be read in English at Webtoons and ComicFury and in French on MangaDraft