Aysling SilverFox

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Aysling SilverFox.

Aysling SilverFox (born October 15, 1993)[1] is a pansexual, freepawed, female, furry lifestyler, who lives in Wisconsin, U.S.A.[2] Her fursona is a hermaphroditic red fox with black and lime-green fur, and a blue nose.

She found the fandom through her mate, Nathanial Bayer.


Aysling enjoys listening to music and meeting new people, even if she seems shy. She is very imaginative and is easily distracted by nearly everything. She is an avid reader.

Aysling loves to do things outside, as long as they do not involve a lot of running around and jumping about. She believes that everything occurring in nature has a soul, and she loves to discuss religious view-points and other things of that nature.

She is trypanophobic.


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