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AC's fursona

Aycee, also known as AC, Ace, Roanoak and PeppermintHusky,[1] is an artist. They are non-binary. Their fursona is a chimera, a combination of a lion, snake and goat from ancient Greek mythology.

Aycee has a striped hyena personal fursona named AC and an AC fursuit was made by Ruffled Designs fursuit studio and debuted at Biggest Little Fur Con 2015.[2]


AC's female/lesbian citra, Lorraine.

AC has a few notable characters. The first being their fursona and the second most well known probably being her citra Lorraine. Lorraine is a lesbian citra with a bright pink furcoat most likely of the 'grapefruit' variety of citra. She is referred to as a citra rather than citrus due to her reverse homosexuality.

As of recently they created new characters in their comics, notably Avery, a pink haired pansexual lynx femboy, ben, a bisexual fox who is into femdom, and his wife, sandra a tomboyish wolf who appears to be an architect.


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  • Aycee crowd-funding on Patreon (for Aycee to create comic and art)

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