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Axxis, also known as Axxiswolf or Axxis Husky (real name Owen Evans; born June, 1994), is an anthro artist, writer and fursuiter who lives in Pencoed, South Wales, United Kingdom.


Axxis attended Bridgend College for two years and did one year of Media Production and one year of painting and decorating. Axxiswolf is a wrestling fan who has an on-and-off part-time wrestling career, including backyard events and live indoor shows.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Axxiswolf originally got interested in the furry fandom in early 2007, when a friend at school showed him Sonic the Hedgehog fan art drawn in an anthropomorphic style. Axxiswolf started practicing drawing Sonic fan art himself, in a similar style, which led to him discovering the furry fandom while doing research for ideas on the internet.

In September, 2009, Axxiswolf set up his original Fur Affinity account, but rarely posted any art or journals. He set up a page[clarify] under the name Axxiswolf in August, 2012, after going to his first Cardiff furmeet earlier that month.

He is the creator and illustrator of wrestling webcomic DMW (Death Match Wrestling). Created in September 2012, DMW is an illustrated hardcore wrestling series with anthropomorphic characters. Since the initial publication, the series art continues in the same original style, with minor improvements in places which are noticeable when compared to his earlier works. These improvements include better body details and improved colour work.

On early 2014, Axxis started transitioning from comic art to more traditional artwork in order to cater to a wider more mainstream audience.


Axxiswolf's fursona is a pink and white husky.


Axxis' fursuit was completed in October 2013 and publicly debuted at the WelshFurs South November Furmeet. Axxis' first event in suit was at Frantic Eufuria 8 held in Weston Supermare on February 15, 2014, and was also in costume at Confuzzled 2014, participating in the fursuit walk.

Convention attendance[edit]

Axxis has attended:[1]


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