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AxxiosGrey, also known as Axxios, formerly as YinzBlindHund, NormanRoy, KnuclesNRum8910 and Billiont94, is a conservative furry writer and graphic designer who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Axxios was a community activist that posted furry content on iFunny, in addition to memes and conservative political pieces, until his banning from the site. He currently provides help to other conservative furries online, more specifically in social media.


AxxiosGrey's fursona is a blind grey wolf hybrid by the name of Marcus Rison, which was the main character in the majority of his works on iFunny. Marcus is a blind young adult with the ability to use echolocation and his sense of smell to navigate.


AxxiosGrey appreciates rock and heavy metal music, philosophy, Source Filmmaker (SFM) or YouTube Poop (YTP) content and viral videos in general.

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