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Awolfgod also known as awolf , is a Furry Male born November/22/1993 awolf first found the fandom in 2003 on a website known as f2f[furry2furry] he is originally from Massachusetts But moved to Maine on "October/1/2012" Awolf is currently running a furry minecraft server "" or "" he is also responsible for creating the maine furry map "map"


Name: awolf

Age: appears 18 Gender: male

Height: 6"5ft

Weight: 200

Race: anthro wolf

Physical Description: dark red and black fur and ears that are blue and they are pointed wolf ears , eyes are all red and glow sometimes, he's fairly buff and usually wear's a full grey cloak made from on the outside scales on the inside and has a leather strap around his waist which holds his swords both look very basic broad swords when in there leather sheath but when drawn you can see the blades one basic steel and the other is a red metal. on rare occasions he has thick green tentacles that come from his back they drip with clear greenish slime that has a sweet scent and taste to it , the tentacles are tipped at the top and on occasions open up like mouth holes

Personality: he was once a loner but now he opened up some he can be rather playful and cheerful only wanting to help others rather then himself , he is rather stubborn and a messy dominant wolf but all in all he is full of love and affection for all he meets.

Powers: unknown ?????

Weapons:he prefer blades if he decides to use any weapon at all

History: much about him is unknown but what is known is that he was not born but created from who or what good luck trying to get him to tell you that , what he did most of his life was adventure loot and kill pretty much anything his creator wished of him , all for the purpose to become stronger for his end goal which is another thing he rarely speaks about , but he was successful at his goal and was able to retire some few years ago were he remained in his castle hidden from the world in a location all once forgotten and feared , but even so some few do tend to find "awolf" but even fewer find his domain

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