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Avsun Mascots was formed of two people, Esh and Saluna, who were "apprentices" to Prefur. The two "apprentices left Prefur's company and founded their own, Avsun Mascots."[1] They were a "husband and wife artist team."[2]

Growly wrote on fursuitreviews about a head from Avsun Mascots, "Overall the product I got was not worth the stress. Yes it was very cheap and completed fast, which is great, but I wouldn't commission these people again."[3]

In August 2011 a commentator to a post on artists_beware wrote

Avsun Mascots
Their record was pretty abysmal even before the marriage breakup, they were posting happy chirpy posts even when many peoples commissions were months overdue and I have read more than one very negative review of the quality of their work. Additionally in terms of communication reports were terribly spotty.[4]
Avsun Mascots


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