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Aviary Attorney is a point and click video game developed by Sketchy Logic and released in 2015.


The game is set in 1848 in Paris, France, within a world populated by anthropomorphic animals. The story follows the adventures of lawyer Jayjay Falcon and his assistant Sparrowson, as they defend clients in a city headed towards revolution.



A Kickstarter campaign to fund Aviary Attoney was launched on December 9, 2014.[1] The campaign reached its £7,000 goal on December 21,[1] and at the campaign's end (January 8, 2015)[2] had raised £18,917.[2]

Artwork and music[edit]

Aviary Attorney uses various public domain images, particularly the caricatures of J.J. Grandville. (For example, the images used for Falcon and Sparrowson are from "Souvenirs d'une vielle cornelle" ("Souvenirs of an old rook") in PJ Stahl's Scènes de la Vie La Vie Privée et Publique des Animaux (Public and Private Life of Animals).) The map used to move between locations is the 1739 Turgot map of Paris.

The music in the game consists of the compositions of Camille Saint-Saëns.[3]


Aviary Attorney was released on the Steam Store on December 22, 2015.[4] As of February, 2016, the user reviews are classed as "Very Positive".[4]


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