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Avery the Collie (or Avery) is the shortened and preferred name of Tristan Avery du Troiseau, a writer from South Carolina, United States. His fursona is a sable Rough Collie.

As of January, 2008, Avery has been known online on Furcadia for around nine years. His aliases there have included Finrod, Finrod Eledhwen, Tristan Carosol, and Sirius Douglass, the latter three having fallen into disuse.

Avery was the Moderator for FurNet's now defunct #teleyiff channel, which was devoted to the promotion of 'furry phonesex' and had a private conference line attached to it.

Avery is an erotic fiction writer. He still uses the pseudonym Tristan Carosol for his IFPL account and often publishes erotic fiction under this name. He also published as Tristan_C on Yiffstar, though his preferred nom de plume is just Avery. He can be found on IRC and takes commissions on stories.

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