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Caroline H. Muchmore-Nepomniashy, also known as Little Serval and Autumn-Rains, was a furry, fantasy, and wildlife artist. She was born in Goshen, New York, USA, and married to Leon Nepomniashy.[1]


Caroline loved birds, biology and fantasy.[2] She drew "ever since (she) could hold a pencil", and the primary tools for her traditional media works were colored pencils and micron pens.[2]


Caroline died on July 1, 2012, in Morristown Medical Center, New Jersey, after a long battle with cystic fibrosis.[1][3] She was 26 years old.

Of her illness, Caroline said:[2]

Caroline Muchmore-Nepomniashy
Battling CF is also a driving force behind my art. It's rather difficult to explain, but I often see a parallel between the illness and the amount of movement I put into a piece. I suppose you could say that my art moves even when I am unable to.
Caroline Muchmore-Nepomniashy

Caroline was predeceased by her sister, Grace Muchmore, also known as Aubrey Osiris.


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