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AutoFox, or Auto for short (born November 22, 1990), is a furry writer from Concord, New Hampshire in the United States. He is primarily active on FurryMUCK, but is also seen on SoFurry and the Fur Affinity forums.


AutoFox's character is a diminutive 4' 4" male Fennec fox. His fur is sandy colored, gradiating to brown along his back, with brown markings on the sides of his muzzle and on the tip of his bottle-brush tail. The fur on the front of his torso and inside his ears is cream colored. He has brown eyes, wire-framed glasses, and broad ears. He stands on digitgrade feet.

Auto wears a pair of green cargo pants, brown sandals, and a gray button-down shirt which is usually open with nothing underneath, and the sleeves rolled up to the elbows.


AutoFox is, in general, a friendly and gregarious individual. He seems to have a wealth of information about relatively obscure subjects in the fields of history, technology, and other areas, and loves to talk about them. In particular, he has a deep interest in (and knowledge base of) gaming, outer space, obsolete technology and vintage cars.

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