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Australian Fandom Conventions is the organization behind furry events ConFurgence, FurWAG, A Very Furry Christmas and A Very Furry Halloween.[1]

It originated as a vehicle to take over responsibilities for MiDFur from the Australian Furry Association, and at that time it was reported as a partnership between:

  • Pete J. Smith (CynWolfe; Chief Executive Officer)
  • Nathan Cooper (StarShadow; Chief Administrative Officer)

By April 2017, the organization had morphed into a private company, AFC Events Pty. Ltd (potentially with different owners), also using Australian Furry Conventions as business name;[2] in addition to the above furry events - all but ConFurgence had, by then, come and gone - it promoted the May 2017 ThronesCon (for fans of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire),[3] Queer Expo and Oz Drag-Con, and traded as Kweer Touring and Events. This was the subject of media coverage when it failed to pay several drag queens on time;[4] a statement on the Expo's website claimed a fraudulent access to their bank accounts was involved.[5]


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