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Aushi is a male fursuiter[1], fursuit maker and performer who lives in New York, United States. He’s most notable for his character Scáth, a Dutch Angel Dragon.

Aushi owns J2R Costumes, a fursuit making company in New Jersey, United States.



Scáth is a gray and silver Dutch Angel Dragon with orange markings[2]. The name "Scáth" is Gaelic for "shadow" and is pronounced "sk-aah". The character is sometimes seen at night wearing a bright glowing halo. The suit was made by J2R Costumes using a Skypro Fursuits head base.

Other Characters[edit]

  • Aushi, a male American Lion (Panthera Leo Atrox) with red tribal markings.
  • Fireworks, a male African Lion, most notable for his bright coloring. Fireworks is the mascot for J2R Costumes.


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