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Aurora Fox as illustrated by TheDoggyGal.
Aurora as he appeared at Califur 8.
Aurora (Far Right) at The Prancing Skiltaire

Aurora Fox, formerly known as Tipsy Fox is a furry fan and fursuiter living in Long Beach, California, USA. Aurora is often confused with AuraFox

Fandom involvement[edit]

Aurora first stumbled upon the fandom in March of 2006 while doing research on animal abuse and has been active ever since. Aurora can often be found at The Prancing Skiltaire, Fur Affinity, and Steam playing as The Spy on Team Fortress 2 on SouthernCross Gaming's servers. His first furry convention was Califur 4, and was the 1000th person to register for Further Confusion 2012


His fursona. Aurora Fox, also known as Tipsy, is an anthropomorphic red fox wearing a suit with a pea coat (and sometimes green scarf) doing his signature "Fur thumbs Up" pose. The original ensemble was a green jacket with blue pants and a blue scarf.

His first fursona was a Yoshi by the name of Derry, who could be found roleplaying on various forums and Myspace, though he is rarely active on those sites now days. By February, 2007, Aurora began experimenting with different fursonas, at first an anthropomorphic wolf by the name of Sky Wolf, and eventually, his current fursona.

Aurora's hyperactive attitude and his second fursuit made by Kodi quickly rose him to recognition in the fandom and amongst furs at local California meets and cons.

SouthernCross Gaming[edit]

After administrators and players expressed numerous interest in bringing Aurora as part of the administration team at SouthernCross Gamin], Aurora finally agreed and was quickly added to the board of administrators in early 2011 as part of the "Strawberry Update" during which he brought numerous new ideas and suggestions to the group which earned him the nickname amongst players as the "Fun Admin" or "Easy going Admin".

Aurora resigned his position at the board of administrators shortly after Further Confusion 2012 due to personal reasons.


Aurora currently owns two fursuits of his fursona Aurora Fox.

  • Aurora Fox V.1.0 - A partial suit that was commissioned in 2009 and completed in 2010 by Furrielicious. Aurora's first suit was scene at Califur 2010, Further Confusion 2012 (where it was tagged as number 240), and at numerous The Prancing Skiltaire Furmeets. Aurora Version 1.0 was retired in Early 2012.
  • Aurora Fox V.2.0 - A partial suit that was commissioned in late 2011 and completed in spring 2012 by Kodi. Aurora's second suit was first scene at The Prancing Skiltaire]in May of 2012. Aurora plans on bringing his new fursuit at numerous cons and meets including Califur 2012, RainFurrest 2012, Further Confusion 2013, the SoCal furbq, as well as The Prancing Skiltaire.

Aurora expressed interest in getting a third suit at Further Confusion 2012. Little is known about his third version of Aurora except that it will be a Full Suit made again by Kodi, with a completion time of around late 2015.

  • Ringo Husky - In early 2012, Aurora commissioned a partial husky fursuit for a character that he had been experimenting on. The commission fell through in April of 2012 after being out bidded at the last second on materials needed to make the suit. Aurora has expressed no interest in continuing the making of the suit though he has stated that there might be a possibility that it will be made sometime in the future.

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