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Auren Wolf is a grey wolf born on March 22, 1988, with constantly color-changing mid-length headfur that is either slicked back for a professional demeanor or mussed purposefully for a rough look. He stands 6'3" tall and is of average build. He has emerald eyes and a platinum half-ring in one ear, tipped with green points; in his other ear is an industrial piercing. Other markings include a tattoo of a wolf paw on his left shoulder, filled in with rainbow vertical stripes to signify which gender he prefers; he also wears a necklace with a single wolf pawprint imprinted on a silver circular base.

In real life, Auren lives alone with the ocassional stray furre living for a short period of time. He wants to continue working towards obtaining at least his Associate's Degree in Computer Programming. His hobbies include reading suspense novels in his infrequent spare time, fooling around in his car, playing video games, and keeping in-tune with the news of exotic automobiles, especially Porsches. He also dabbles in a bit of art and story-writing, along with fursuiting, and hopes to make his own fursuit by Anthrocon 2009; if it's not finished by then, it will certainly be complete not long after.

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He's attended Anthrocon 2007, Anthrocon 2008, RCFM 2008 and Oklacon 2007. He's looking forward to possibly attending Oklacon 2008 and maybe even Eurofurence in 2009.