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Honey Bär, previously known as Aurastar Taijiya, is an anthro artist who lives in Southern Minnesota, U.S.A. She currently is focused on creating My Little Pony, Pokemon, and pieces of her own furry characters. She has a multitude of "avatars" to represent herself in different communities, but in the furry fandom her fursona is a Tediz from Conker bearing her name Honey.

She is currently 18 years of age.

An image of Honey's fursona drawn by firefly8083 from FurAffinity.
Honey IRL.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Honey's first taste of furrydom began when she was just 12 years old, having found videos of fursuiters on Youtube. She could not join FurAffinity until she was 13, but it was then that she created her very first fursona. This was a female white Lucario named Aurastar. This character had ties to the [[Warriors] book series by Erin Hunter and the video game Starfox Adventures.

From then until age 16 she attended conventions, made art and even owned fursuits under the alias Aurastar, or Aura for short. She also joined the website Tumblr at age 15, becoming dominantly active there instead of FurAffinity. When she was 16 she made an all new fursona, another Tediz named Katja. When she was 17, though, she pushed this character side in favor of a new fursona. This fursona is the one she uses to this day, Honey Bär.

As of today, she is still making her way as an anthro artist, and is constructing a My Little Pony fursuit for possible use in the future. She has also taken on various identities. These include, but are not limited to, Otherkin, Non Binary (transgender), and a Social Justice blogger.


Honey Bär's reference sheet as of January 2015. Base made by Ajna from FurAffinity.

Honey Bär shares her name with her creator. This is because the character serves as an Otherkin "form" of Honey (creator) herself. She is just one of a few forms that Honey (creator) can take on at any moment. She is biological in nature for the most part, but also has various robotic parts as well.

This includes her entire skeleton, a microchip in her body that acts as a "brain" of sorts, her legs (the outside is covered in more metal), and even a working television below her digestive system. The food that she eats not only nourishes her entire body, but also powers the television. Her most important mechanical aspect, though, is the voice box in her throat. This box can be tuned and played with to change Honey's voice. She can make it sound very high, very low, distorted and even imitate many different characters. She usually settles for the voice of G4 Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Artistic information[edit]

Currently, Honey is trying to find her way into the knowledge of artists who do commissions. She will draw most anything for money, but her personal work is focused on My Little Pony or her own characters for the most part. She also enjoys drawing Pokemon and occasionally dabbles in other fandoms.

Honey uses digital means to make most of her work, but can also do traditional work as well.

An example of Honey's artwork featuring her fursona.
Another example of Honey's art, this time featuring two G1 My Little Ponies.

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