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Aulin Syrus Roy is a character from Palcomix. He is described as a white and orange bunny, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing no shirt and cargo pants, and with a muscular physique. He is funny and shy, but also has an alcohol problem. He also has a problem with depression, which explains the anti-depressants he takes. This depression is due to his entire generation (besides himself) dying. He has engaged in many lemons and other fanfiction.

Aulin lives in the town of Ikugal, on Hovel Street. His home is across from a furry campus, formally named Uyal Campus. His best friend, Tatsuo, protects him in the dorm from the common bully. Tatsuo is a cat, with frizzy black hair, and two blue diamond tattoos on both of his cheeks. Aulin is also a black belt Isshin-ryu Sensei, from the dojo in Ikugal, and Tatsuo is a black belt Shotokan sensei.


Aulin possesses the power to enrage himself, also known as Berserk. The pressure of the power can crack the ground, emitting a shockwave. In the state of berserk, he can amplify his strength to inhuman amounts, gain muscle mass, and tear a tree from it's roots. His eyes can also change color while berserk. Bloodlust is Aulin's second berserk setting, in which he bites and claws, turns his eyes pure red. Normal berserk, which increases strength and speed, turns his eyes pure white.

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