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Atoro Desu

Atoro, also known as Atoro Desu, is the fursona of Robert Jauss, who is an admin on and owner of Yaoihaven Reborn and FurHost.

Real life[edit]

Robert is the owner of Yaoihaven Reborn, LLC. He lives in the Carson City area of Nevada, USA, with his partner, and works full time as a computer repair technician web website developer.

He has been a member of the fandom since early 2004, when he discovered its existence thanks to a friend in high school.


Robert's fursona is a black fox with white markings and a blue hairstyle. Atoro has gone through a few iterations, each slightly changing, but mostly staying the same. He is named by a combination of his first name and his at-the-time girlfriend's first name in Japanese; A to RO, Andii to Robii.

Atoro's partner is based on Robert's real-life partner, and is represented by a panda with standard black-and-white markings.

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