Atladean: Revenant

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Atladean: Revenant MUD is a text-based role-playing game. The theme is furry cyberpunk/steampunk, occurring on the fictional planet of Atladean. The world itself consists of seven large continents and some minor outlying islands. There is an extensive system of deities, however there are only four 'gods', one representing each cardinal direction (and in effect, each continent). The entire world is run on an engine similar to that of ancient Japanese mythology, and at creation (or 'birth') the player chooses a deity, and as the player grows in the system they learn commands that will allow them to call upon their deity to aid the player in various tasks. The system is class-less and level-less so that characters can learn a wide variety of skills, or dedicate themselves to one line of advancement.

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  • Ran from/to: 1989 - present