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Atalon the Deer (real name Markus Kalkbrenner. Born December 22, 1972), is a fursuiter and costume maker who lives in Karlsruhe, Germany. His partner is drcroc, and he has a son, Drachenfaust.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Atalon's first furry appearance was in 1999. Atalon enjoys furry conventions and is the organizer of H-Con, a convention that first took place in October 2006, and which is held in autumn each year. He is also the organizer of the AYCE furry meet up in Karlsruhe, Germany, which is held every two months.


At first, Atalon decided upon a kangaroo for his character, but later decided that the deer species better fit his attitudes.


Since 2000, Atalon has run a mascot making business, Maskottchen Germany, where he produces professional costumes for sports clubs, companies, and movies. He has a large number of mascot costumes for rent, and sometimes does performances in the suits. In his spare time, he takes commissions to build fursuits.

Personal fursuits[edit]

  • Atalon Deer - A mascot-style deer, built in 2000.
  • Yoyo - A mascot-style meerkat based on a cartoon character, which was built in 2002.
  • Tasman Devil - An anthro-style costume, realistic and body-tight, which was built in 2003.


Outside the furry fandom, Atalon's hobbies include rebuilding and riding motorcycles, mechanical engineering, music, and travel.

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