At the Heart of it All

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At the Heart of it All
Heart Logo.jpg
Author(s) Immelmann
Update schedule Sundays
Launch date November 24th, 2007
End Date Ongoing
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At the Heart of it All was a furry webcomic by Immelmann, inspired by comics such as xkcd and early Modern Love. At the Heart of it All was a personal project started by Immelmann as "a tour of his mind - a look at his hopes, dreams, fears and insecurities". It occasionally featured characters from Immelmann's other webcomic, Concession.

The comic takes its title from the Nine Inch Nails song of the same name.


The comic is drawn in a very simple, chibi style, usually with no backgrounds and very simple details. Sometimes, for dramatic effect, characters are drawn in full form.

Occasionally, animation and interactivity is used.

Relation to Concession[edit]

At the Heart of it All sometimes reveals things about characters from Concession. A six-comic series starting in August 08 revealed that Joel, in his youth, was kept in an insane asylum, as a result of hallucinations regarding his deceased sister. On two occasions, Heart comics gave a preview to hairstyle changes for the Concession cast.


Immy: Male brown wolf/rabbit hybrid, and the artist. He's an anxious, self-sadistic, shy yet arrogant creature.

Dr. Tyras: Male pikachu, Immy's pet/familiar here playing the role of psychiatrist.

Joel: Male black wolf. The character from Concession appears as a violent and evil entity, representing Immy's dark side or fears.

Laius: Male brown wolf, Immy's in-canon father. Used to symbolize a fatherly figure in an oppressive fashion. He is named after the father from Oedipus Rex.

Jocasta: Female white rabbit, Immy's in-canon mother. Used to represent positive maternal forces, appears only once so far. Named after the mother from Oedipus Rex.

Xephalia: Female martian. She first appeared in #50, a Spore parody in which Immy traveled to Mars. She has since appeared in a number of comics, usually of a sexual theme.

QuetzaDrake and VoE: At the time of their appearance, they were both Immy's boyfriends. QuetzaDrake is a male brown dragon with blue hair; VoE is a white male kitsune.

Campy: Male rabbit, a character from Furthia High who has had brief cameos.


In strip #99, Immelmann mentally snaps, killing Tyras and Xephalia before destroying the reader's view. Although not officially announced by Immelmann, it is speculated that #100 will be a large, animated finale. QuetzaDrake confirmed this, and so, the comic is temporarily suspended.