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Astus Vulpi, is a Minnesota born, multi-instrumentalist. He has performed with numerous local bands as a bassist, guitarist, vocalist, percussionist and harmonica player. Astus is known for his outspoken political activism. In many of his original songs, he expresses his beliefs on; Gay Marrige, the American political system, foreign policy and socioeconomic status. Aside from being a musician, Vulpi is also an avid Magic: The Gathering player. His fursona is a red fox.

Early Life[edit]

Astus was born in Minneapolis, MN. He Moved to a small suburb of St. Paul, at the age of five. For his 11th birthday, his parents bought him an electric bass. The first time he ever performed live was for a school talent show, he placed first. In high school, he continued to pursue music. He became interested in theater as well and was not only an actor, but a stage musician for many school shows.

Musical Influences[edit]

Astus was brought up listening to classic rock and 90's alternative. During his Early teens, He was introduced to bands like Blink-182, Primus and Green Day. As he continued to study music, His influences grew to hundreds but a few he often cites as his biggest are: Frank Zappa, "Weird Al" Yankovic, The Beatles, The Shins, Matchbox 20, Phil Collins, Bob Dylan, Primus, TOOL and Nirvana.


His bass technique is very versatile. Though he expertises in rock, funk, and metal, he has proven that he is quite accomplished as a jazz, blues, country and classical bassist as well as many other genres that he shows proficiency in.


Astus has sometimes referred to himself as "A new-age, grunge, hippie, furry". He is often seen wearing thin-rimmed titanium glasses, a T-shirt with something that has to do with his interest in music, a plaid shirt (usually blue and very baggy), Blue jeans and a rainbow pride wrist band on each arm. He also has a very distinctive hairstyle that her refers to as "The Mane" due to it's length and waviness. Sometimes, when performing live, He will wear a fox tail and/or fox ears.