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Astro-Fox (real name Alex Miller; born November 26, 1997, in San Jose, California, USA)[1] is an artist and musician who lives in Maine.[1]


Astro-Fox's fursona is a female cyan, blue and white space-fox. She is a being of cosmic energy, who feeds on stardust and space-clouds while she explores the universe.

Astro has the ability to appear on planet Earth, in both ghost-like and solid forms. She often appears in feral form, but has been known to appear in anthro form at an increasingly common rate. She is a timeless being, and has existed since before time began.

Astro-Fox the space-fox(closed species): Anti-Gravity (basically can fly when in feral form), Everlasting Breath (She can breathe in oxygen-deprived situations, such as when she's in outer space), Primal (she can shift into her feral form, which has certain abilities which cannot be activated in anthro form, like Anti-Gravity), Universal Connection (the universe expresses itself through her by channeling. Astro-Fox can control this channeling to a certain extent, and can use the universe's extreme powers of anger, sadness, and happiness upon others), and Venom Bite (all the sadness and hatred of the universe is concentrated into a lethal venom in her bite).

She is mated with Tadashi, a green, black, and white fox from Earth.


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