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Astral Wolf (born May 24, 1985; real name Chris Curtis) is a fursuiter from Upstate New York, USA. As of November, 2015, he lives in Galway, situated between Amsterdam and Saratoga Springs.

Astral's fursona is an Adirondack Gray Wolf, stylized in Native American fashion.

Fandom activities[edit]

Astral has been a long time follower of the furry fandom, going back to around 2000 when he was performing as a dalmatian, delivering fire safety training to preschoolers during his time attending Wildwood Programs (a special education program in the Albany, New York area). After meeting his husband Norby Wolfy in 2011, he has been attending conventions since.

Astral is an admin/moderator of the Upstate NY Furries group.


As of November, 2015, Astral has two fursuits:

  • Astral Wolf, his main fursona, built entirely by Astral himself.
  • Chirrnobyl Raccoon, a radioactive raccoon recently acquired[clarify] by Astral.

Convention attendance[edit]

Other interests[edit]

Astral has fascination in Native American artwork and spirituality, while he himself is a Christian and is an ordained minister. Astral is also very interested in American Politics, electronics, programming, and photography.

Astral is the 6th generation of his family's long time building supply and lumber yard business, known as Curtis Lumber.

Astral is a licensed Amateur Radio operator with callsign NW2A.

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