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Astian: Revenant MUD is a text-based role-playing game. The theme is furry cyberpunk/steampunk, occurring on the fictional planet of Astian. The world itself consists of seven large continents and some minor outlying islands. There is an extensive system of deities, however there are only four 'gods', one representing each cardinal direction (and in effect, each continent). The entire world is run on an engine similar to that of ancient Japanese mythology, and at creation (or 'birth') you chose a deity, and as you grow in the system you learn commands that will allow you to call upon your deity to aid you in various tasks. The system is class-less and level-less so that characters can learn a wide variety of skills, or dedicate themselves to one line of advancement.

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  • Ran from/to: 1989 - 2006 (Currently on hiatus)


Tias Macase, a denizen of Astian
Astian is a fictional planet in the universe created by fantasy artist/writer A. "Banrai" Brooks. it includes veins of steampunk, with cyberpunk influences and a wide array of fantasy elements.

The Lowdown[edit]


Astian has been long in the making. While a previous project existed, under a different name, all that is left over from that is a few salvaged characters, nothing more. Astian is about struggle, survival, and using what little knowledge you have to band with others similar to yourself, in hopes of making a difference in a world torn by war and hatred. Most people have taken to the streets. Most full-bloods take to the wrecked landscape. The hybrids, children born of rage and need? They go wherever they're accepted.

The World in Retrospect?[edit]

It is impossible to describe in detail all the broken parts of the world that still remain after the wars. No maps from the Beforetime (pre-war era) are accurate any longer, and no new ones are being made. Cities have become radioactive craters filled with sludge and ruined dreams. Rivers have changed their course or simply disappeared into the ground. New plains have been created by massive bombardments and are strewn with the rubble of war. Seas have reclaimed large areas that once were dry land, and fallen again to leave the earth seared from salt. These areas can be as large as a country or as small as a city, all depending on the force that created them. They form an uneven mosaic, flowing in and out of each other, sometimes making it difficult to determine where one area ends and another begins.

It is within these desolate ruins, the World of Astian, that people live, fight and try to stay alive for just one more day.

Notable characters[edit]

A few characters that fit into the Astian storyline have their own wiki pages. They can be viewed under their respective names:

  • Augenti - The 'sun god' of the world
  • Tias Macase - The main character for the first novella, which is currently in revision.
  • Crimnos - Tias' mate, and a soldier in the Legionaires. His body was partially destroyed, however he was saved by his mate and now functions on a mechanical lower-body.

External links[edit]

  • Astian - project homepage (currently down)