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Ask Bunny is a LiveJournal based advice and questions column that focuses around giving answers to furs about either the furry fandom or general personal issues sent in via e-mail. In her own words, Ask Bunny compares herself to more to Dear Abby, while she also likens Ask Arty, another furry advice columnist, to Dan Savage.


It previously dual published to both its Flash based website and the LiveJournal, however went on a hiatus from the 18 August 2003. After a one off message saying it was going to restart again soon on 5 June 2004, it finally did so again after an announcement[1] in the Furrtive Community LiveJournal saying it would be resuming in a LiveJournal only format for now on 11 February 2006. The same day the first new question reply was posted to the Ask Bunny LiveJournal.

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