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Ash at RivFur 2014
Ash with Snow Paws and Kidsune
Ashtonoir. Art by Toxi
Aileron. Art by ArcanaFox
Diamond. Art by ArcanaFox

Ashtonoir, also known as Ashton, Ashnoir, Ashley or just Ash, previously known as Axeleonth (real name Dennis Clifford Johnson;[1] born in 1993 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia),[2] is a furry fan who lives in Brisbane.


Ash used the name Axeleonth as an online alias before encountering the furry fandom. Ash has been working in the retail and hospitality industry since 2010 and currently works in the service industry.

Before joining the fandom, Ash frequently used Microsoft Messenger to role-play in the Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts and Resident Evil universes. He frequently socializes via Facebook Messenger and Skype, is quite easy to get in contact with and is reliable.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Ash first connected to the fandom sporadically around 2006 by visiting such furry sites as SoFurry (YiffStar) and FurAffinity. He changed his handle to Ashtonoir when he became involved full time in 2011.

It wasn't until 2013 when he became physically furry fandom by attending RivFur 2013. Though only attending the final day of RivFur 2013, he unofficially became a volunteer for the convention and was a part of the post-event's Volunteer Barbeque.[citation needed] He is a current staff member with the convention.[citation needed] He attends the Central Brisbane Furmeet.


Ash has three distinct fursonas that he chooses to identify as; Ashtonoir, a dragon/wolf hybrid, Aileron, a grey haired flying fox, and Diamond.

  • Ashtonoir - Ash's primary fursona since 2011, shi was originally a black and red dragon, changed to a dragon/wolf hybrid form in 2014. His appearance is mostly dragon with wolf traits. Ash is generally quite childish and energetic and always happy to help his friends, though is often subject to emotional moments and sometimes violent outbursts. Of the three fursonas, Ash is the largest in size. Ashtonoir is a hermaphrodite, generally depicted with a bias towards being feminine, though at times can be quite masculine.
  • Aileron - An "original character" created in 2013, Aileron came about for plot purposes in a generic adult anthropomorphic role-play as a bat character called Jimmy. Upon further development and personalization, Jimmy was renamed to Aileron and changing the species to one of a grey haired flying fox. Ash uses Aileron for particularly dominant roles as well as a means to identify to where he was born, Queensland, Australia.[clarify] Of his three fursonas, Aileron has the most muscle mass.
  • Diamond - Diamond started off as an adoptable from Horo, was immediately bought by Ash in 2014, becoming Ash latest fursona. Diamond's species is unknown. A coffee loving, flirty though shy Femboy, Diamond is generally reserved for the most generic of anthropomorphic role-plays. Diamond is the typical, general anthropomorphic character that fits in with anyone else's fictional universe. Of the three fursonas, Diamond has the least mass and the only character to incorporate Ash's genderfluid identity.[clarify]

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) Volunteer


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