Ashirion: The Broken Sphere

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Ashirion: The Broken Sphere (previously Seasons of the Wolf) is an "original-theme, high fantasy" roleplaying MUX which has been running since 1997.[1]


There are several species which can be roleplayed on Ashirion. These include Felin, Humans, and Foxlin. Wolvren and Cattans are by application only.[2] "Dragons do exist [...] and often spend time in human form. One noteable Dragon is the Magus, Lord Blackmoor. Players have been approved for Dragons in the game before now, but it's rare, and few and far between."[3]



  • Wolf - Head Theme God and Author
  • Hellion - Head Game Goddess/Administrator
  • Rejaq - Mister Fix-It. Magus-Generalus.
  • Selmak


  • Alec - Wizard and helpercoder.
  • Coren - Chargen/Specials Wiz, General Help
  • Ithius - Code, RP, TP, Chargen
  • Lily - Builder Wiz trainee/Gen Chargen
  • Morgan - TP and Chargen/Builder Wiz
  • Nevermore - TP and Chargen
  • Tiffan - TP Royal


  • Brett - Helpstaffer
  • Khruuld - Royalty
  • Tensen


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