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Asher's conbadge done by Mushypea.
Asher, as drawn by Canis Lupus Vulgaris.
Asher raving, as drawn by Gasp.

Asher Heike, also known as Ashertehfox, Asher, and Asher2500 (born February, 1992 - died 2016),[1] was a furry writer who lived in Oregon, USA.


Since he was 15 ½ Asher had been living on his own, meaning not with any members of his family. He left due to a long line of family troubles; the relationship he had with his parents were extremely strained, eventually causing him to move out of his dad's at the age of 13 as he just started high school, and then after living with his mom full time for a few months he decided it was best to move away from her as well. Towards the end, he had rekindled the relationship with his mom slowly. He had two brothers, one of which he talked to on a semi-regular basis and played Xbox with.

As a young teen, he took up smoking marijuana to help him cope with his handicaps, as well as his home life from the age of 13. He strongly believed that it should be legalized throughout the states and was an avid protester for such as many of the adults he knows smoke it medically.

He was a pacifist, as well as a liberal.


In his free time Asher liked to listen to music (his favorite genres being Pop punk, hip-hop, trance/techno/dubstep, and screamo) while gaming on his Xbox 360, as well as writing, smoking marijuana (it helps with his anxiety, insomnia, and OCD tendencies), watching movies (mainly horror and comedy), moshing, practicing his aim with his various airsoft firearms, watching anime, snuggling with his mate, and the like.


Asher had a long-standing relationship with a fox furry fan by the name of Kazuma, up until June of 2010. After that he tried another unsuccessful long-distance relationship by being with a Canadian Wusky by the name of Jakesparrow0 (Stevey). The two broke up in August of 2010 due to a lack in interest on one's part in getting motivated to do anything. In the end, Asher was in a relationship with a local non-furry, and the two share a condo together in Oregon with their puppy.


As of 2016, Asher's Furaffinity page is marked as deceased, with last known activity roughly one year prior.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Asher had been in the fandom since around 2004, first learning of it by stumbling upon a furry porn site. He had yet to be active in the fandom, save from local furmeets and socializing around the FurAffinity and SoFurry sites. He did write both poetry and stories (for fun as well as gifts/trades) to his friends. He had revived his old LiveJournal, utilizing it for a friend-only semi-daily updated blog. In 2009 he started posting his stories on SoFurry.

He had two series going that he starting posting to SoFurry in 2009; one is called Running From Lions, the other The Tears You Knew You'd Cry. One of the things he'd been striving for was to attend an actual furry convention, such as RainFurrest or even Anthrocon one day.


Asher Heike's fursona was a reddish tan red fox


Between December 2012 through January 2013, friends of the artist Fluke decided to post "they missed him since his tragic death" fake shouts on his user page, posted only to heckle Fluke for the sake of humor. Causes of death ranged wildly from a vicious maiming art accident to a quiet passing in the night, like a soft breeze.

Asher, feeling as though it was his duty to protect Fluke as well as all of the poor furries who don't know any better,[citation needed] launched an anti-slander campaign against these lies and rumors, advocating that people not "buy into the rumor mill."[citation needed]

When he was told to chill out,[citation needed] that it was all fun and games, he responded with nasty name calling and threats of administrative action, blocking the person(s) who confronted him, whilst continuing his crusade, going so far as to post a journal[citation needed] stating that "Fluke is just done with the furry part of his life for now", citing his possession of Fluke's gamer-tag as proof.[clarify]

Asher was then banned for harassment for at least a week. The very next day he tried to continue his harassment via another account of his, posing as a friend of Asher, under the account name dastoonafawx. He was summarily suspended on that account, as well as his Gaijin2500 account. He was removed from Fluke's Xbox Live friends list.[citation needed]


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