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Asher Wolfstein, real name Asher Holley, is is also known as AsherWolf, formerly known as A. C. Gmork Labyrinthian Kadran X. H., is a Colorado greymuzzle furry artist, writer and programmer who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

In 2015 he married Maus Merryjest. His current work focuses on his blog My Beautiful Life where he publishes tutorials, reviews, and blogs about his life. He currently has a Patreon associated with the blog.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Asher's first encounter with the online furry fandom was through telnet on various MUCKs when he was a preteen, something he was able to access with his modem by hacking the local library network (as he did not have main internet access at home). However, Asher has identified as furry since practically birth, having invented "walking-talking animals" in his early days of playing pretend.

He was born and grew up in the semi-rural Rocky Mountains and in high school established himself as one of, and leader of, a few furries in the area. Since high school he has unsuccessfully experimented with running various online communities, from The Clasheerian Order, to including Colofurs, Furjectivists, Furgonomics, and FurTag as executive of Falcraft Studios. All of these are now defunct.

Also in December 13th, 2002, he set up a fund to make "real life" furries called It's @ Fur Thing, or Second Nature Biotechnologies. It was noted as a possible scam on Flayrah,[1] and never went anywhere. He also coined the term phenomic freedom for himself in regards to these possibilities, as outlined in the User:Gmork7 user page, a term he believes will someday become pertinent, although his blog Furtual Reality, focusing on Furry Futurism, is now defunct.

He has served as a programmer on various projects including Anthem, but none of these has amounted to anything.


His fursona is a wunk, a wolf-skunk cross named Kadar. They usually have a gray front, with possible white on the stomach, a black back, a skunk like tail, a skunk like face, and wolf-like ears. The stripe starts at the usual widow peak of the hair, and the black, or white, may extend down the arms, then fade to gray for the hands.


In 2009 Asher debuted Willy the Red Husky as part of Costumes FC, a local costuming company, serving as his main fursuit until 2012, producing over 100 videos on YouTube detailing his outings. Copper the Cop Dog was another late creation of Costumes FC, being a dog in a police uniform. Asher briefly fursuited as Larry the Lab Rat after 2012, but now fursuits mainly as Isaac Homebrew, an engineer raccoon. Asher has plans to build what he calls a "fursuit for life."[clarify]


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