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VengefulSpirits, also known as AshBlueFrames, previously Ash dragon wolf and now Skeleion is an anthro artist. Her fursona is a swift fox. She mainly operated on deviantart, but has currently left because of unconfirmed reasons since mid-October 2009. She mainly used the colours blue, yellow and orange. Reasons for her quitting deviantart are speculated to be many things, But her fans mostly suggest art theft, family upheaval or terminal art block. It is predicted she may return to the fandom, but it Is looking less likely.


Ash dragon wolf was quite an experimental artist, but she mainly settled into drawing animals and occaisonal anthro art. She had a continued colour scheme of blue, white, orange and yellow. She had several fursonas, one of her last was a swift fox. She is commonly assodciated with her main fursonas, Rin and Ash.

Exit from Deviantart[edit]

On one of her journal posts, Ash announced completely out of the blue that things were getting a little hectic and crazy, and she apologised for dissapointing everyone but she was leaving deviantart. The reason is unclear, but her distraught fans guess that it may be due to haters, art theft, art block, boredom, family upheaval or outgrowing the site. Her fans still hope she will return, but it is still unknown if Ash will ever come back. Her page on deviantart, however, Is still up and running but it is dormant. Not long after that journal, however, Ash returned back to deivantart, but instead of returning to her old account, she made a new account, VengefulSpirits. She is currently active on that account.

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