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Arxl is a long-time member of the furry community. Growing up mainly in southern California, he was exposed to many different cultures and life styles. Arxl or Arxlblacktip as his username for sites that do not allow four character names, is most active on YouTube, Facebook, and a small handful of MMORPG games.

Contributions to the Fandom[edit]

Arxl, in the beginning, was mainly an anti-troll and helped members of the fandom through tough times regarding their furry lifestyle. Not only putting myths to rest but informing people of the 'Behind the Scenes' in the fandom. Showing both light and dark sides of furries. Recently he has released 'Furry Edits' on YouTube of popular songs and other, very strange music. Has yet to debut his personal remixes and songs, they are still in the making. He continues to correct trolls' incorrect belief of many fandom myths.

As a note, Arxl is among the first group of people to create and popularize a internet style of talking, using words like 'Dun' and 'Nu'(or nup) in the place of don't and no.


Arxl is an Arctic Wolfox, or a hybrid of a wolf and fox. Anthro: 5'5" to 5'10" with a lean/long slender body, toned muscle, blue and green eyes, fluffy fur in the winter and short, coyote-like fur in the summer. Main fur color is very light grey with a stark white underbelly and inner arms/legs. The tips of his ears and tail are black, mid wrist and mid calf down is black fur. All of his paw pads are bright pink, easily seen in contrast to his black fur around them. Usually seen with a smile on his face and a small pink ribbon tied around the base of his tail.

Non-Anthro: About the size of an average coyote due to the fox in him and because he was the runt of the litter. Same aesthetics without a ribbon on his tail.

In both body types he is very shy until introduced to someone, then becomes very outgoing. He has a very affectionate and non-body-shy around friends. He has a bubbly attitude but can compose himself if the situation called for it. He is a very dedicated mate to his lover but can be somewhat of a flirt and get himself and his mate in over their heads. He is an all around nice person, pacifistic and loves nature. He enjoys laughing and playing around. But is very multi-faceted, enjoys every genre of music and likes being in the company of many diverse crowds.

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