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Artemis Badge from Mehndi X
ArtySkox (previously Artemis; born November 18, 1981)[1] is a furry fan in the Chicago, Illinois area of the LAFF region. Arty has a master's (Northern Illinois University, 2006) in Industrial Engineering. He is in relationship with DBruin.

Arty first found the furry community through in the late 1990's then discovered the LAFF group in 1999. He was previously the maintainer of the old LAFF Webpage and is one of the senior administrative staff on the new website. Arty is part owner of a furry house with several other furs. He is also the maintainer of the LAFF LiveJournal community. ArtySkox is a skox (a hybrid of Skunk and Fox) who has skunk-like anatomy with foxlike alterations to his color pattern. Arty also goes under the pseudonym Bailey, a rainbow-spotted dalmatian.



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