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ArtworkTee is a business who make and sell furry and animal t-shirts, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The company travels to many furry conventions to sell t-shirts and mystery boxes, and makes custom merchandise for various furry YouTubers and artists. The company is employee owned and operated.[1] Fudge is the owner,[2] art director and talent scout.[3]

On October 31, 2018 there were 1257 shirt designs in the shop.[4]

Their artist are eCartoonman, Fleki, Freckles, Geewolf, Gloven Ramos, Jamesfoxbr, Majira Strawberry, Pinkgatorpress, Remywolf, Rikafoxpawzer, Ritka, Tarotski Tarot, and Yamitali.[2]


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