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Artonis' avatar, by Artonis.

Artonis is an artist from Germany, born and living there. He's rather fluent in English though. The name was initially just an online alias used for his more erotic anthro images (often of (mostly nonmorphic) dragons), but he's spreading his interests further since then.

Artonis appeared on the scene somewhere around 2003, in a desire to post his more adult artwork to several galleries that allow mature furry art. He's been around longer than that, though, under a different name. While his clean art deviated somewhat from the furry theme, the erotic works continue along that line.

While Artonis isn't particularly deeply involved in the fandom, he expressed an interest in attending Eurofurence 2006, considering that he lives in the very same city.


Artonis is seen represented by a nonmorphic, red, Western Dragon/Eastern Dragon hybrid.

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