Artiamus Eric Imura

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Artiamus and his mate RaionNoAshi

Artiamus Eric Imura, also known as A.Martell (born in April 1986), is a male furry from Groton, Massachusetts, United States.

Artiamus' fursona is a gray and white, three-tailed kitsune. He is a writer and artist, who mainly draws abstract art and designs maps for the multitude of worlds he creates and populates. In September, 2007, he began work on a large map called Circe, that spans several pages, the starting pieces can be viewed on his Fur Affinity page.

After a brief stint in the Army during 2008, that ended due to medical reasons, Artiamus dedicated himself to the creation of a role playing game that has been titled the "Den of Evil" (DoE).

Artiamus is mated to the lioness RaionNoAsahi.

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