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Arti's fursona
Arti's partial fursuit

Arti Husky, also known as Arti, Artimises Scratchpaw, or Artimises Karu on Second Life, is a furry artist and fursuiter who lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.[1]

Arti appeared within the Australian furry community during late 2006. He has attended a few major meets within Australia, including FurDU and FurJAM, and some smaller local meets within his region of residence.


Arti's fursona is a grey and white-furred Siberian Husky. His facial and body markings are the standard markings of most Siberian Huskies, with the addition of a paw print tattoo on the right side of his chest and a large tribal tattoo across his upper back.

Arti owns a partial fursuit, depicting his fursona, which was constructed by Toska of The Menagerie fursuit-making company.[2]

Major events attended[edit]


  • Supanova
  • FurJAM



  • FurDU
  • Mid May Meet
  • FurJAM


  • Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras - OzFurry Float
  • FurDU


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