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ArtFurYouloginregister.pngArtFurYou V2 Login/Register Page
Author(s) Founder: Sori
Launch date 30 November 2019
End date late 2022 ~ 23 Jan 2023
Genre Social Network

ArtFurYou was a social network for sharing images which attempted to be "the French alternative" of Fur Affinity.
They created the novembre 30 2019 in BETA by Sori initially called "FurArt", the same day the site changed its name to "ArtFurYou".


ArtFurYou was launched on November 30, 2019 to be "the little alternative of FurAffinity" by Sori while also having the idea of giving a French touch to Fandom.

Sometime from late 2022 and by at least January 28, 2023 the owner left this announcement and shut the site down.

Hello everyone.

Today I announce the end of a project that I created developed and managed during all this time..

ArtFurYou was supposed to be the alternative to FurAffinity, the goal was achieved but the community did not follow. The site has been updated for almost a year now. The code becoming obsolete and no longer having time to start from scratch I can't afford to do it. In order not to jeopardize the private data of users, the site is now inaccessible and its database as well as the source code of the site will be deleted and stored on a usb key to keep an archive of the site. Thank you for this adventure with AFY hoping to have brought a solution against FurAffinity.... - Sori

"ArtFurYou". Archived from the original on January 28, 2023. Retrieved on July 27, 2023.

A good start with bugs[edit]

From the first day of its opening, the first arrivals encountered problems to register because the register form did not work, but also the system to post image worked 1 time out of 2 and that of like marked "ERROR" and many other bugs were present. Despite these bugs, they were quickly resolved, but a few days later security vulnerabilities were discovered that endangered user data, two days were necessary to close these.

The release of V2[edit]

After many bugs still present, on December 19, 2019, the development of v2 quickly started to fix all these bugs and add new features. This development lasted from December 19 to 23, 2019, the day of its release and continues to evolve.

Site Features[edit]

ArtFurYou allows you to share images, his drawings, his creations and much more, an nsfw(adult) page is dedicated to it, the site is based on two main pages, the page discover with the publication of everyone and the page feed (thread) with the publication of the people we follow, a system of likes, comments is present to communicate, as well as a messaging system to send messages to the people you want (of course if the member authorizes messages), in the manner of usual social networks members can follow his favorite artists who will be visible in the page feed. The site is available in French (default language) and in English, which can be changed at any time, many more features are available on the site, don't hesitate to go and see ^^.

(Since January 25, 2020 AFY offers a system of commissions to be able to publish them on the site and make it public on the commission page where each commission published will be visible on this page and it will also be visible on its profile page and also shareable on facebook or twitter for example)

New in V2[edit]

  • -Follow / unfollow system
  • -Public news feed with all the members of the site And another with that the people that we are
  • -Simple but fluid messaging system
  • -Best visual profile page
  • -Connection with twitter
  • -Choice of languages ​​(French by default and English)
  • -Better visualization on phones / tablets and small screens
  • -Better comment system
  • -Possibility to delete photos
  • -Added verification system (PawsMember)
  • -Notification system (Likes, comment, when a person follows you) configurable in the settings
  • -Ability to block a person to receive neither message or view your account
  • -Ability to report privately via settings
  • -The public news feed and follows feed no longer have a page system now you can scroll endlessly
  • -Compliance with privacy rules (EU laws)
  • -Better site performance for more fluidity
  • -Commission system (From January 25 2020)
  • -News system (From Mars 14 2020)
  • -FurMap See furs near you (From Mars 28 2020)
  • -Profile banner (From April 10 2020)
  • -Import system, You can import post from twitter, FA, facebook and many other to ArtFurYou (From April 12 2020)
  • -Discord Bot (Soon [Work In Progress])


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